fredag 4 november 2022

On November 1st the Swedish Armed Forces outlined its recommendations on a near and long term defence organisation.

Recommendations. As in, advice. Now is the time for political discussions, more studies, Armed Forces budget proposal, even more political discussions and decisions before we actually know future plans.

I summed up the important bits relating to JAS 39 Gripen. In short, more weapons and a fighter fleet of 120 Gripen in all three versions. Developed well into the 2035 period. Investments will also be made into a more robust and mobile base organisation to support air operations.

NOTE: New advice should be read as "in addition to" what has already been decided.

DECIDED 2024 - 2030

JAS 39C/D  manintained towards 2030+ period
JAS 39E      developed and inducted

New Recon-pod, cruise missile, mission equipment

JAS 39C/D also utilized as Advanced Trainer Aircraft (ATA)
New advice 2024-2030

JAS 39C/D/E maintained into the next period

Additional Air to Air missiles (radar guided)

Recommending a decision on future fighter capability to be taken no later than 2030 for operations in the 2040+ period.

The future fighter decision will be supported by a programme to ensure three open paths forward. National development, Cooperative international development or a foreign buy.

DECIDED  2031-2035

JAS 39C/D maintained until the end of the period.
JAS 39E maintained towards the next period

New ATA to replace JAS 39C/D in the training role

New advice 2031-2035

JAS 39C/D/E maintained and developed beyond the period

120 fighter jets

Additional cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles

Results from ATA-study will be implemented